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Summarized Lore: Murders at Karlov Manor

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Do you like mysteries? So come check out our summary of MKM's lore and solve the mystery behind the Ravnica murders!

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translated by Joey Sticks

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revised by Tabata Marques

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It's time to read a bit more about Magic: The Gathering's multiverse. This time, we don't have another epic story with our heroes, but rather a good old detective story, which will show us the recent murders that have been happening on Ravnica, and the solution to this mystery.

Murders at Karlov Manor

Chapter 1

"Teysa, Opulent Oligarch" Artwork

Teysa set up a big party at Karlov Manor; on the guest list, she wrote down the names of the main guild leaders and members, apart from House Dimir and the Golgari Swarm, besides the Orzhov hero, Kaya.


Kaya regrets leaving Ravnica to help the strike team that went to New Phyrexia. Part of Kaya felt that, if she had turned down that opportunity and let another person go on that mission, that team would have probably been successful.

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Teysa reminded Kaya that she still owed the Orzhov when she abandoned them to fight on another plane. This was the only reason why she held on the entire night while the current head of the Syndicate, Teysa, paraded her around the room as if she were a trophy.

The guests there, at Karlov Manor, didn't appear to see Kaya as a hero, and those who surrounded her judged her with their eyes.

Teysa then decided to honor Kaya with a speech, reminding everyone that she fought for the Multiverse, and that, without her, Ravnica would have suffered even more. She also congratulated the members of the Ravnican Agency of Magicological Investigations, who received raucous applause and positive reinforcement from guests.

After that, Ezrim, the archon, presented himself and, alongside Teysa, delivered small purses of money to the Agency investigators who were recognized for their deeds. One of them managed to stop the violence caused by a Gruul god who was out of control:

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Kellan presented himself to receive his "praise", but soon escaped and hid away from the crowd. Kaya wished she could do the same soon.

When the ceremony was over, Kaya did escape, under the pretense of "raiding the buffet", and talked briefly with Kellan, who revealed he was just as comfortable as her in that environment.

She then saw Teysa talking with Krenko about why he shouldn't be there, and the debt he has with the Karlovs. Kaya thought this was a weird detail and tried to listen to their conversation, but a ruckus broke out involving one of the Gruuls, who demanded they release their escaped god, and distracted everyone's attention.

"Yarus, Roar of the Old Gods" Artwork

Kaya took advantage of the confusion to escape the crowd, looking for some fresh air somewhere empty, without all those eyes on her. She thought about her friends, what happened during the invasion, and how it would be easy to escape that place to visit another plane.

Soon afterward, Teysa found her, but she seemed different. She told Kaya she had some serious matters to discuss with her, and only then they were truly alone. Unfortunately, before Teysa could reveal what it was to Kaya, a scream echoed through the Manor, and she ran towards the noise without thinking twice.

This time, she would not let Ravnica down.

Chapter 2

Teysa and Kaya went after the noise until they reached a hall that led to a locked door. There, they found several Karlov servers; they were waiting for another Manor server to fetch the keys to that room.

"Ezrim, Agency Chief" Artwork


Ezrim also went there, and, when they told him what was going on, he broke the door open so that Kaya could enter the room. It didn't take long for her to return, grayish and pale, and tell Teysa to call Vannifar, from the Simic Combine, urgently, and ask them to go there immediately.

Kaya and Teysa entered the room while Ezrim stood by the door as security, waiting until one of his detectives got there, as Agency representatives.

"Murder" Artwork

In the room, on top of a pile of coats belonging to the party guests, was the lifeless body of Zegana, from Simic Combine, perfectly arraigned, as if she was posing for a portrait. There were no visible wounds or signs of foul play, but Kaya noticed there was a flower petal from something called a Black Iris, between Zegana's fingers. Teysa told her they hadn't used that flower for the party arrangements downstairs, which made everything even more mysterious.

Outside the room, an angry Aurelia was complaining about how inappropriate it was they didn't summon the ranking Boros legionnaire to investigate before they called the Agency detectives. She demanded they tell her what was going on, and criticized Teysa's decision to prevent everyone there from leaving the Manor, but Teysa and Kaya agreed they could only tell other people more details when Vannifar arrived.

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As soon as Vannifar, the Simic leader, arrived, Teysa told her about Zegana's death. A new argument broke between Aurelia, who wanted to take over the investigation, and the detectives from the Agency.

Kaya stepped away from that mess to see what Boros, Orzhov, and Azorius were doing to contain the crowd so masterfully. She suspected they had prepared themselves for the possibility something would happen at the event that reunited eight of the ten city guilds.

Watching the crowd, Kaya remembered Judith had disappeared right before the murder, and returned to the hall, where she found Ezrim, who told her Teysa and Vannifer were now in a private room in the Manor.

The room in which Zegana's body was found was a mess; Agency detectives looked for clues and Aurelia supervised their work.

"Sharp-Eyed Rookie" Artwork

Kaya and Aurelia were then interrogated by an Azorius Senate mage to prove they didn't know anything about what had happened. After the interrogation, Kaya accused Boros and Azorius of orchestrating the murder - which prompted Aurelia to deny any involvement, and ask Kaya if she had forgotten how things worked in Ravnica.

Their conversation was then interrupted by the arrival of Alquist Proft, a detective who hadn't been invited to the party, and whose presence seemed to displease everyone involved.

"Alquist Proft, Master Sleuth" Artwork


"The Great Detective Proft" soon found a pattern at the crime scene: the coats below Zegana's lifeless body were set up in a way to show the seals of the ten guilds, each on a piece of clothing.

He also told Kaya she couldn't identify the only Dimir guest in attendance at the Manor, but, when they asked him who it was, he just smiled.

Alquist told Kaya that Etrata had crashed the party as a member of the Selesnya Conclave, and together they searched for her among the other guests, who waited for more information.

"Expose the Culprit" Artwork

Alquist's magic recreates places he knows, and this helped him trick Etrata, who ran towards Kellan, and was captured by him.

After that, members of the Azorius Senate arrive at the scene, and arrest the culprit.

Chapter 3

After all the confusion of the arrest and removal of Etrata from Karlov Manor by members of the Azorius Senate, the members of the Selesnya Conclave present went after Teysa to prove their innocence, and convince her they hadn't helped Etrata crash the party.

Kaya took advantage of that moment to talk to Teysa, and ask her what she wanted to talk about before all of that happened, but, after she saw how many people surrounded them, Teysa changed the subject, and, instead, commented how the news about the murder would be everywhere the next morning.

Kaya insisted, and like so Teysa answered it still wasn't the time for them to have that conversation. So, they made a deal: if in three days Teysa didn't call her to talk, Kaya would go after her.

"Shadowy Backstreet" Artwork

In the days following the event, Kaya wandered through the streets of Ravnica, enjoyed the local cuisine and heard all the crazy theories people made up about what happened at Karlov Manor. Some thought it was theft, others treason, and some even thought it was an affair.

However, what most surprised Kaya was how now everyone knew what a Planeswalker was, and how they believed they had let Ravnica down during the Phyrexian Invasion.

On the third day, a messenger from the Agency called Kaya for a meeting with Ezrim. She thought it was a bit weird, considering this messenger was Kellan, who was recognized for his deeds at the Manor just days prior.

"Public Thoroughfare" Artwork

Kellan told her he personally requested this task because he wanted to ask Kaya if she had met his father or if she maybe knew something about where he was. Secretly, she wished that boy's father wasn't one of the Planeswalkers that died in the fight against Phyrexia.

When the boy told her his father's name was Oko, Kaya sighed, relieved, and told him she didn't know him, but wished him luck. Kellan told her he looked for clues in the Agency's filing system, but hadn't found anything.


Kellan then took her to Ezrim's office and said goodbye, leaving her alone with his boss.

Ezrim told her she was considered neutral to the situation, as she didn't have any known grudges with the Simic Combine or House Dimir. So, it would be logical if she led the investigation of that murder, and told her she could even change the public opinion regarding Planeswalkers if she was successful.

When she heard this proposal, Kaya refused immediately and told him she had done more than enough.

Meanwhile, Proft went to the prisoner's cells to question Etrata on how she managed to fool the verity circles used to interrogate the guests at Karlov Manor. After all, she was questioned, and managed to lie under that spell.

Etrata then told him she didn't commit the murder and only went to that party to spy on behalf of House Dimir. She couldn't remember killing Zegana and wouldn't do something like that for free.

According to Ravnican law, if her mind had been under a spell, and her actions had been controlled somehow, Etrata wouldn't be blamed for her actions. She would be considered only a weapon, and not the killer.

Alquist knew this, so he asked Etrata to help him solve the case and clear her name, as a deal. After she accepted, he helped her escape from her cell, which caused some chaos there.

"Unauthorized Exit" Artwork

An Orzhov messenger delivered a note to Kaya; a message from Teysa asking to see her. In the note, Teysa told her it wasn't safe to write, but she was ready to have the conversation they should have had at the gala.

Kaya went to the Karlov Manor, whose wards had been altered to allow her to pass through, but she thought it was strange how quiet and silent it was.

When she reached Teysa's private room, Kaya found something that made her suppress a scream of terror: Teysa was laying on the ground besides a table where she usually received guests, with the shattered shaft of her own walking stick protruding out of her chest.

"Deadly Complication" Artwork

Blood stained Teysa's hands; she likely tried to pull that makeshift spear out of herself before she bled to death. Death wasn't the end for the Orzhov, but Kaya felt she was now another friend she'd have to bury.

Kaya walked to her friend's body, but on the way her attention was diverted by one of the elegant maiden statues Teysa kept in her private parlor, and by the piece of paper she found in the middle of that mess.

The paper had clearly been written by Teysa, but it was in Phyrexian. Kaya's breathing got harder and harder while she realized Teysa had died, but had been, all this time, working for Phyrexia.

Chapter 4

Teysa's body still hadn't gotten cold, but Kaya had no time to mourn her death because she knew those would be the only moments she would have to study the crime scene without being interrupted by other people.


Even though she knew it could take a while before Teysa returned as a ghost, Kaya tried summoning Teysa's spirit to ask how she died and who had killed her. However, she was answered by the ghost of an old Karlov servant, who told her Teysa wasn't receiving guests at that time.

Kaya hid the Phyrexian note in her pocked and spoke with the ghost, who told her she hadn't seen any living persons ever since Teysa gave her servants the day off.

Then, she went to the Agency, where everyone was furious Etrata had disappeared, considering it all went down under Azorius watch, and walked to Ezrim's office to tell him Teysa Karlov had been murdered.

When she arrived there, she found him surrounded by people, arguing, and decided to go after Kellan to get rid of the investigators who were disrupting Ezrim, so she could speak with him.

As soon as Kaya told him about Teysa's death, Ezrim told her she could lead the investigation, with Kellan as her partner. A few minutes afterward, they found the ghost of Agrus Kos, who was one of the best Boros investigators when he was alive, and had been sent by the Legionnaire to aid the investigation.

"On the Job" Artwork

While Kos remained there to speak with Ezrim, Kaya and Kellan went to look for Judith, so they could interrogate her about the night of the murder at Karlov Manor.

After some puzzles and passive-aggressiveness, Judith told them she had nothing to do with the murder and sent them both away, telling them they should read the Guildpact in its original form.

Chapter 5

Etrata and Proft went into Dimir territory to retrace her last steps before showing up at the party, considering Etrata didn't even remember going to the Manor. A few minutes later, they reached her house.

Inside, Proft noticed an unknown yellowish-gray dust over one of Etrata's pillowcases. None of them knew what it was or how it got there, but they got a sample to analyze later.

As they came out of their hideout, they were soon approached rather unconventionally by Massacre Girl, who told them she was hired to kill Proft and leave his body out as a warning for the Agency. Without revealing who hired her, she told them she would leave them alone and went on her way.

"Slice from the Shadows" Artwork

Kaya followed Judith's advice and went to the Vitu-Ghazi tree. On the way, Kellan told her about the friend who went with him to Ravnica, and ended up moving forward to have new adventures in Rubblebelt.

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When they got closer to the sanctuary created by the Conclave for that mighty tree, they were met by the white Wolf, Voja, and Tolsimir, the Elf, Kaya's acquaintances. These two led Kaya and Kellan to Trostani, the entity formed by Cim, Ses, and Oba, the Dryads, who authorized them to check the original Guildpact.


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Besides discussing why each guild was created, the original Guildpact also had a bit of history at the end of each section that explained the decisions made when the guilds were founded. When it came to the Cult, the idea was to prevent Rakdos from continuing to instill murderous rage in the citizens of Ravnica, and provoking random attacks.

Chapter 6

Proft and Etrata went after Kylox, the only person the detective trusted to analyze the powder they found at Etrata's place. However, when they reached his lab, they found it tossed, as if someone had tried to destroy it.

"Proft's Eidetic Memory" Artwork

With Proft's magic, they were able to recreate how the room was before it was destroyed, and the vision showed there was a secret passage on the ground; they went down immediately. Underground, they found Kylox, but he was visibly wounded and more paranoid than usual. He said he couldn't analyze the substance they brought under those circumstances, and asked Proft to help him talk to Ezrim.

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However, before they could ask him for more details, he told them to hide. From their hideout, they saw a group of Goblins come in, tie Kylox up, and take him as a prisoner.

Etrata asked Alquist if he always let his friends be captured, and he explained that now they could follow them to free Kylox.

The Goblins didn't realize they were being followed and didn't try to cover their tracks, so Etrata and Alquist easily followed them up the street and then to what seemed to be a pawn shop.

As soon as they got to the store, Proft got from his jacket a device that resembled a small trumpet, and pressed one end against the glass, and the other end to his ear, to listen to the conversation going on inside.

Krenko wanted to know how much Kylox knew about the murders, and told him he was at risk too. Before they could talk any longer, Proft and Etrata intervened, busting the place open, and disarming the Goblins.

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In the middle of the confusion, a bulky man in laborer's clothes crashed into the room and attacked Krenko with a dagger, hitting Kylox by accident. Proft ran to him.

Etrata struck the attacker and managed to bound him using the chains that had been on Kylox just minutes prior. After Kylox unfortunately passed away, Proft got closer, with a bleak look on his face, and questioned the man who attacked them.

The man's pupils were heavily dilated; with a bit of psychic prowess, Etrata brought him back to reality, just to find out the man didn't know what he was doing nor how he had gotten there.

Someone was brainwashing people, and Proft promised he would find out who.

Kaya and Kellan returned to the city, but were soon attacked by six figures using long, dark robes. After some time, they managed to defeat their opponents, but, as soon as they realized they were trapped, the figures swallowed small, green sprouts that transformed their bodies into moss.


"Fanatical Strength" Artwork

However, their robes were left behind; in them, Kellan found white fur tipped in gray. Next, an Agency Thopter found them and warned them that Boros officials would soon arrive there. Kellan set up wards to preserve the scene and then went with Kaya to the Agency headquarters.

Kos, the ghost, was waiting to tell them that Ezrim had urgent news to share with them.

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Ezrim tells them that the Azorius had arrested Teysa's killer, a low-level hitman, no guild affiliation, who swore he didn't know how he had killed Teysa Karlov. Kaysa and Kellan were surprised, but soon their small reunion was interrupted by Aurelia, who dragged in a woman by her hair.

This woman was Massacre Girl, who had killed ten Legionnaire guards before Aurelia could stop her. Aurelia believed she was the one responsible for all the massacre the town was witnessing, and was willing to march with the Legion to Rakdos territory.

With the Dimir missing and the Golgari in self-imposed exile, Kaya knew Ravnica couldn't afford to lose another guild.

Kaya then decided to question Massacre Girl, who told her she didn't know why nor how she attacked Aurelia.

"Demand Answers" Artwork

Kos asked Aurelia to be patient, something she begrudgingly agreed to. Then, she told him she'd give the Agency 24 hours to solve the case; otherwise she would act, and this time the suspect would be placed under Boros custody.

Chapter 7

Kaya and Kellan went to see the images captured by the Thopter that found them in the alley after the fight earlier, and discussed their theories. Kaya commented that Judith seemed to want them to suspect her Parun, Rakdos, but the style of the murders didn't match his chaotic style.

Kellan was about to say something about Trostani, but then the building's alarm system went off, signaling someone had compromised the Agency's evidence locker. They ran to the locker, which was chaotic, and in the middle of the room they found Anzrag, the Gruul god that Kellan had recently arrested.

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Kellan and Kaya immediately started fighting Anzrag, and even Ezrim came to help. While Ezrim distracted Anzrag, Kaya and Kellan looked for an evidence capsule to bound him again. Kaya used her powers to get closer and bind Anzrag in the capsule again.

As soon as the confusion cleared out, Ezrim ordered one of his agents to bring Yarus, the Gruul leader, there, to explain what had happened. Kaya didn't think Yarus was involved in that mess, but she preferred not to argue against Ezrim.

Agrus Kos then got closer and told Kaya he needed to go somewhere that wasn't safe for the living, but that it was where he could get the answers they needed to solve the case.

Proft guided Etrata through the underground until they reached Golgari territory, where they found Izoni, the Elf. After some brief words, Izoni confessed she had nothing to do with the murders, and Proft took the opportunity to ask if she knew what was the dust they had found in Etrata's home.


"Analyze the Pollen" Artwork

Izoni then revealed that it was certainly natural, but that she didn't know any plant or fungi like that in Ravnica - and she knew everything that grew there.

Proft and Izoni started theorizing about how it could be a sign that invaders from another plane were in Ravnica again, but then he noticed a hooded figure watching them.

As soon as the figure ran, they started chasing after it, even though Etrata was still a bit confused. It was then he hit his head on something solid, and his consciousness left him.

When he woke up, Proft was in his own mental palace, with the weird hooded figure. He asked them if they were responsible for the murders, but the figure only told him they were just passing through, and thanked Proft for the help while they stole a folder from the palace.

"Intrude on the Mind" Artwork

Before he could protest, his stinging, hot cheek woke him up, and he was once again back to Izoni and Etrata's side. None of them had seen the figure he chased down.

Then, he and Etrata decided to return to the warm, sunny surface.

Agrus Kos had descended to Rakdo's resting place, to make sure he was still asleep; he seemed to have been asleep for a long time. However, before he could leave that place, a sudden pain took over him, and forced him to his knees.

Judith then came out of the shadows, and told him she couldn't allow him to ruin her fun while she was so close to getting what she wanted. Judith revealed that she wanted to be the new leader of the Cult, and was manufacturing clues to make the other guilds blame Rakdos and kill him.

"Convenient Target" Artwork

Kaya was worried because Kos still hadn't returned. When she saw Aurelia and a garrison of Boros soldiers marching into the building, she knew it couldn't be anything good.

Kaya ran to warn Ezrim, reaching him seconds before Aurelia, where he stood in his room. Aurelia was annoyed because Kos should have reported to the Legionnaire and hadn't. She was right about the Cult of Rakdos being involved, and wanted war against that guild.

Worried, Kaya left the room, thinking how harmful it would be to the city to have a war between guilds right now. While she wandered through the building, Kaya found a young man, who introduced himself as Delney, and handed her a note, setting up a meeting and Karlov Cathedral.

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She left right away, without warning Kellan, because she couldn't be safer anywhere other than at the heart of Orzhov territory.

The Cathedral was empty, considering only Teysa's family and friends could go there to organize her funeral. However, Kaya saw two people sitting there: Proft, the detective, and Etrata, the Vampire.


Proft told Kaya what he found out, and told her someone was brainwashing innocent people to make them murder the guild leaders. Kaya told them how Massacre Girl had attacked Aurelia, commented about the Phyrexian note she found on Teysa's body, and how she and Kellan had been attacked.

Kaya then discussed how weird Judith was acting, and that she believed Rakdos wasn't as guilty as people thought.

After hearing everything Kaya had discovered, Proft smiled and said he knew who was responsible for everything, and could prove it.

Chapter 8

Kaya and Proft called upon the guild leaders, Ezrim, and Krenko, to meet them at Vitu-Ghazi, and talk about the recent deaths.

"Lush Portico" Artwork

The last-minute meeting started with a lot of passive-aggressiveness and small arguments between everyone there, but right away Proft and Etrata arrived and told them that the true culprit behind the murders was there, among them. To flush them out, Proft would question each one of them somewhere private, provided by the Combine.

The first one to be questioned was Kaya, but, as soon as Proft closed the door to hear her testimony, she thought he behaved strangely, considering he was quiet, as if he was waiting for something to happen.

A few minutes later, though, a wormlike root uncurled from the pattern in the wallpaper and grew until it bloomed a flower, which seemed to take a breath, but, when it was about to release its pollen, Proft contained it in an evidence jar from the Agency - a magical artifact that would keep the flower alive for as long as necessary.

Proft then took the recently collected evidence to the room where the others waited, and explained that, considering the flower's origin and its effects, it was made by someone in the Selesnya Conclave.

"Assemble the Players" Artwork

As the roots of the Vitu-Ghazi tree spread across town, the culprit used it to bloom the flower near innocent people, release its spores, control their mind, and then wither without leaving any traces.

So, Proft revealed to all that the true culprit responsible for the crimes was Trostani.

Chapter 9

The Dryads were confused; only Oba had a calm expression on her face. Proft then questioned them about the reason why they committed the murders, but, at that moment, Cim and Ses understood what their sister had done.

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Oba revealed that she fought alone against the corruption of Realmbreaker during the Phyrexian Invasion, that she had felt and seen each taint of their foul oil on Ravnica and knew that, if she had lost this battle against Completion, nothing could have saved that plane.

Oba then explained the reason why each murder attempt, revealing how Krenko and his lackeys acted selfishly during the invasion, how Zegana was fascinated by the Phyrexian oil, and would test it on creatures from that very plane, and how Teysa Karlov had made a deal with the Phyrexians.


Vannifar then explained that Zegana's experiments were meant to bring back the people who had been corrupted by the oil, not transform them into weapons.

Etrata revealed that Teysa was a hero in Ravnica; she worked with House Dimir using the spirits of the dead that were Compleated to learn the Phyrexian language and intercept communication. She showed them that Teysa had transformed Orzhov ghosts into spies to see every step the Phyrexians took on that plane.

Krenko confessed his crimes and tried to justify himself, telling them the Goblins risked their lives for supplies, so it was fair they should have a good markup on the products they stole from the city.

Kylox wasn't the real target; Krenko was.

The other Dryads then said Oba was hurt and needed help, but she denied it. Oba confessed she had been killing for weeks and the guild leaders only realized when she killed people they cared about, which showed they didn't care about regular citizens.

"Dramatic Accusation" Artwork

Aurelia ordered them to arrest her, but Oba told them her body was the same as her sisters' and that they hadn't committed any crimes.

The room shook when Oba announced she was Vitu-Ghazi, and, next, became an entity apart from her sisters, who were made unconscious by Oba, but were still attached to her, and the tree itself.

Thorny vines burst through the walls, grabbing for the assembled Ravnican leadership. Kaya managed to dodge them, and freed Kellan and Ral.

Everyone present was fighting against the vines, while Kaya helped those who had been bound by them.

Kaya knew that, after that confession, the only possible destiny for Oba was death. Judith took the opportunity to run, something that Kaya considered extremely cowardly.

The room they were in was part of Vitu-Ghazi, and Oba could move it at will, which made the battle harder and confused everyone in there.

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Kellan managed to use his Fae magic to float in the air; like so, he saw Judith being attacked by Massacre Girl, who accused her of leaving her to the Wolves, referring to when she was arrested by the Boros Warleader, Aurelia.

Chapter 10

Kaya connected to her own spark to break through the vines, asking the Blind Eternities for strength, while all the other guild leaders were dominated by the strength of Vitu-Ghazi.

She then finally decided to end the fight, and her body took a phantom shape; this forced Oba to summon phantom vines to hit her. While she thought of her friends from other planes, Kaya tried the unpredictable: she asked the Ravnica plane itself, the Worldsoul of that place, for help.

In the middle of the battle, Kaya thought she saw glimpses of Teysa Karlov cheering her on. After activating the capsule used by the Agency to protect crime scenes with the help of Etrata, they finally managed to bind Oba. The other Dryads woke up and put Oba under. Kaya reflected how easy it would be to kill the Dryad that murdered her friend.


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After she freed everyone there, Proft helped Etrata leave the room while Krenko was dragged by an angry Aurelia, who wanted to arrest someone after that chaotic day.

Ses and Cim cried, while Oba dangled limply in her web of barrier ward, giving no sign she was still alive. Kaya got closer, respectfully, to ask what would happen to Oba, but they confirmed there was no way to separate them. Even after they restored their connection to Mat'Selesnya to understand its will, that could be the last time Kaya would see them.

When she was leaving, Kaya realized she hadn't seen Kellan yet. She ran, looking for him, asking herself if she had lost another friend, and, when she found him, she did something that she hadn't done for a long time: she let herself cry.

Three days later, Kaya was at the Orzhov Cathedral, watching her friend's casket next to the ghost of Teysa Karlov.

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Teysa then tells her she was in the battle, and that she was accepting her death, planning her vengeance against Oba: if no one took an axe to her soon, the Conclave would pay, heavily, the price of killing an Orzhov leader.

Four days later, Kaya went to the Agency to say goodbye to Kellan before she moved on to another adventure with Tyvar, who wanted to kill a dire bear. It was wholesome for her to know she would miss someone in Ravnica that was still alive.

Kellan told her Proft hired Etrata officially as his aide, and, even without Kaya on that plane, things over there would still be interesting.

Chapter 11

Proft and Etrata went to visit Niv-Mizzet, the Guildpact, to question him about the projects Kylox and other guild members had received under his command.

"Niv-Mizzet, Guildpact" Artwork

Proft was offended Niv-Mizzet didn't interfere while Oba murdered innocent people, including Kylox, who was working for Niv-Mizzet in what the detective called the "Omenpath Project".

Proft had access to the cryptex in Kylox's lab, and found out that Niv-Mizzet agents were studying Omenpaths for him, who had found a sort of pattern to how these rifts opened on planes.

Proft also accused Niv-Mizzet of wanting to control all Omenpaths in Ravnica to transform that plane into the center of this new, freshly connected Multiverse, something he agreed, and soon Proft offered him help to make that a reality.

Final Words

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