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Schedule for MagicCon 2024 Announced! Check out the events and formats!

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Time to get ready and join other players, as the schedule for MagicCon in 2024 has been announced! Find out everything about the events and formats now!

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MagicCon 2024 Calendar

The calendar for MagicCon 2024 has been announced and we now check out the games highlighted in each of the three events scheduled for next year:

  • 23 a 25 de fevereiro de 2024 - MagicCon: Chicago apresentando o Pro Tour Murders at Karlov Manor

  • 28 a 30 de junho de 2024 - MagicCon: Amsterdam apresentando o Pro Tour Modern Horizons III

  • 25 a 27 de outubro de 2024 - MagicCon: Las Vegas apresentando o Magic World Championship 30

    Each MagicCon event will feature featured artists, Main Stage panels and events, exclusive vendors and merchandise, immersive experiences, gaming experiences, ticketed gaming events like the Secret Lair Showdown.


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    Pro Tour

    Pro Tour Thunder Junction will run independently, taking place in the second quarter of 2024. The formats for the 2024 Pro Tours and Magic World Championship 30 will be as follows:

    Pro Tour Thunder Junction: Standard Constructed and Outlaws of Thunder Junction Draft

    Pro Tour Modern Horizons 3: Modern Constructed and Modern Horizons 3 Draft

    Magic World Championship 30: Standard Constructed and Duskmourn Draft: House of Horror

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    The Secret Lair Showdown of 2024

    Secret Lair Showdown returns in 2024 with new exclusive cards. Players who participate in a Secret Lair Showdown qualifier will earn a Spell Pierce. Those who qualify for the Secret Lair Showdown Championship will receive a special version of the Murktide Regent card when they participate in the big event. The winner of each championship will win a Dark Ritual.

    There will be four Dark Ritual cards awarded to players through the Secret Lair Showdown. Three of these cards will be delivered during the MagicCon events and over the next few months it will be announced how the fourth card will be available.

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