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Standard: 5 Decks with Murders at Karlov Manor

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Standard will be directly impacted by the arrival of MKM! In today's article, I'll bring five solid metagame lists updated with the new cards to help you prepare for this format's new season!

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translated by Joey Sticks

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revised by Tabata Marques

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Pre-MKM Standard

Currently, the Ixalan metagame in Standard is dominated by four decks: Domain Ramp, Mono-Red Aggro, Rakdos Discover and Esper Raffine. Each one represents more than 10% of the metagame, both online and on tabletop. Domain is the most popular strategy in this format, and its results were incredibly consistent over the last few weeks.

Next, we have decks like Dimir and Golgari Midrange, Bant Toxic and Azorius Soldiers, which, just like the top four decks, were viable options in Ixalan's metagame.


In my MKM review for this formatlink outside website, I discussed the most interesting cards in this set and which decks they might play in. In this article, I'll show you five lists updated with the new set, and my bets for the Karlov Manor metagame.

5 Standard Lists with MKM

Domain Ramp

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The most played deck in this format got new tools to integrate its strategy. Domain has the best ramp can offer, and creates value at each play you make. This deck's main idea is to speed up the mana curve so you can cast powerful spells, with Atraxa, Grand Unifier at the center of it all as the most valuable threat in this deck.

This list has an efficient and powerful removal kit, and the interaction between Leyline Binding and Up the Beanstalk only makes everything better, considering it creates card advantage with a 1-mana removal that removes any threat from the game.

Case of the Locked Hothouse and Archdruid's Charm are the new tools on this list. This new enchantment allows us to add an extra land every turn, which goes really well with our game plan, besides allowing us to look and cast creatures or place lands in play straight from the top of our deck. Archdruid's Charm will be an important tool in this deck, and also brings several abilities that you can choose from. This makes it extremely versatile and important in various matchups.

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Bant Toxic's rising popularity made Domain's life a bit harder, considering this matchup is quite difficult for Ramp, but this doesn't mean Domain won't be a powerful deck and a solid option for the MKM format.

Rakdos Reanimator

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This is one of the most fun strategies in this format, and it was even one of the best decks when Fable of the Mirror-Breaker was still legal.

This deck wants to play threats in the graveyard with looting effects to cast them with The Cruelty of Gix, Virtue of Persistence or the powerful Breach the Multiverse. Therefore, this deck will enjoy Case of the Crimson Pulse, which is quite far from being a Fable, but can be cast earlier than Big Score, for instance, and speed up this deck's plan.

Outrageous Robbery is another viable option in this deck's colors, considering it is a kind of upgraded Siphon Insight. This card will be excellent in grindier games, and can even be an alternative finisher in long games when your opponent has just a few cards in their deck. It will allow you to force your opponent to lose by deck out.

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Golgari Midrange

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With Assassin's Trophy back into this format, we can't forget about Golgari Midrange. This deck gathers powerful cards, like Glissa Sunslayer and Nissa, Ascended Animist, which impact the game significantly. Assassin's Trophy will be added as a very efficient removal in this deck, and can deal with several types of permanents easily and efficiently.


Outrageous Robbery can fit this list well too, particularly because it helps in matches against blue decks. However, the highlight of this list goes to Axebane Ferox, a creature that protects itself well while it puts pressure on your opponent quite effectively. Its Ward ability is a bit different from what we're used to because it demands your opponent exiles cards from their graveyard which add a total mana value of 4 or higher.

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This deck has always had potential in this format, but it needed something more to take its place as a tier 1 deck. Maybe now this will be possible.

Esper Legends

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Delney, Streetwise Lookout is a fascinating legendary creature that maximizes the abilities of creatures with 2 power or less by triggering these abilities an extra time when they're triggered. Delney will double the effects of creatures like Deep-Cavern Bat, Werefox Bodyguard and Raffine, Scheming Seer, which means it is a perfect addition for the Legends version of Esper, an excellent option for the next metagame.

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If it stays on the board long enough to double the triggered abilities of several creatures, Delney can quickly turn the scales and create a very complicated situation for your opponent.

Azorius Soldiers

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Still discussing Delney, Streetwise Lookout, another deck that can use this card well and can potentially shine in the meta that will come soon is Azorius Soldiers. This deck can perform well in several stages of the game, and it is one of the best Aggro decks in this format.

The idea with this deck is to put pressure on your opponent early on with small threats, and highlight the interaction between Delney and Resolute Reinforcements. As Wedding Announcement doesn't work well with Delney, we added Tocasia's Welcome to this list to have more card advantage.

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This deck has always had good results and should keep doing it after MKM comes along.

Final Words

Murders at Karlov Manor will bring new pieces to integrate the Standard metagame. I believe decks that are already popular and strong will remain so, but, undeniably, there's a possibility some standings will change. I'm very excited about this set.

Another article is finished, I hope you liked it. Leave your questions, suggestions and feedback in the comment section below. I'll try to answer all comments.

See you later.