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WIzards announces Secret Lair drop with Dungeons & Dragons illustrations

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The superdrop named Saturday Morning will be available in June 21 and includes cards with illustrations of the classic 80's animation, Dungeons & Dragons!

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The Dungeons&Dragons' official Twitter page has announcedlink outside website today one of the drops from the upcoming Secret Lair series that will be available for purchase on June 21, which will include Magic cards with illustrations of the classic 80's TV Series, Dungeons&Dragons.

The drop, named Saturday Morning, includes the cards Commander's Sphere, Impact Tremors, Unbreakable Formation, Hero's Downfall, Whir of Invention and Primal Vigor with illustrations that highlight the characters of the animation.


The product is part of the Superdrop series named All-Natural, Totally Refreshing which will include other thematic drops such as Classic Cards, Signets, Mothers' Day, among others.

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