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Name Ethersworn Canonist Edit card
Type Artifact creature — human cleric
Description Each player who has cast a nonartifact spell this turn can't cast additional nonartifact spells.
Flavor "The noble work of our order is to infuse all life on Esper with etherium. Our goal will be reached more rapidly if new life is . . . suppressed."
Artist Izzy
Set Double Masters #14
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About Ethersworn Canonist

Ethersworn Canonist, Artifact creature — human cleric, designed by Izzy first released in May, 2020 in the set Shards of Alara and was printed exactly in 4 different ways. It see play in 2 formats: Legacy and Commander. It's currently being selled by the minimum price of $ 4.99.

This card, Ethersworn Canonist, is particularly useful in decks that focus on playing primarily artifact spells or have a low curve with few nonartifact spells. It can be effective in slowing down opponents who rely heavily on nonartifact spells. However, depending on the specific strategy of the deck, there may be better options such as Rule of Law or Eidolon of Rhetoric, which have similar effects but may be more versatile in certain situations. Ultimately, the decision to include Ethersworn Canonist in a deck would depend on the specific metagame and overall game plan of the deck.

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Each turn, each player can cast any number of artifact spells plus a maximum of one nonartifact spell.

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