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Name The Big Score Tokens
Code tbig
Type token
Released 04/19/24
Total number of itens 7


In the world of Magic: The Gathering, The Big Score Tokens is a unique set that delves into the adventurous world of thieves, rogues, and heists. The set focuses on the daring escapades of a group of cunning individuals who are always on the hunt for the biggest score. The mechanics of the set are centered around clever strategies and quick thinking, with players utilizing stealth, deception, and resourcefulness to outwit their opponents and claim the ultimate prize. With a blend of high-risk maneuvers and high-reward payoffs, The Big Score Tokens offers an exciting and thrilling gameplay experience that captures the thrill of pulling off the perfect heist.

Top 4 best cards

# Card name Decks Price
1. Food Token 6 decks $ 0.16
2. Blood Token 2 decks $ 0.23
3. Gnome Token 1 decks $ 0.21
4. Construct Token 1 decks $ 0.10

Spoilers from The Big Score Tokens

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