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Quiz: What kind of Magic Player you are?

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This quiz is designed to help you figure out which player archetype you are in Magic!

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Within Magic, there are several player archetypes: some care more about the history of the cards, others about winning, and others just want to have fun creating their unique deck.

In this quiz, you'll find out which type of player suits you best according to the answers!

The quiz theory was built on the analysis of columnist and Head Designer Mark Rosewater.

How do you prefer to build your deck?

Grab the best possible list on the internet, if that's the price for victory.Correct symbol

Create something new and "cool" to break the Metagame, through plenty of testing.Correct symbol

Create a themed deck with specific mechanics (unicorn tribal, for example), or based on an interesting abilityCorrect symbol

I research the most interesting combo I can find, and try to fit it into a deck.Correct symbol

When you participate in a Magic: the Gathering tournament, what is your goal?

Testing out my new crazy combo and seeing it in action - for me, if it works well, I'm happy. I want to win, but in my own way.Correct symbol

Win, the deck doesn't matter. It's the only possible goal!Correct symbol

Play with my themed or tribal deck, or one that was built around a specific story or aesthetic, while having fun with my friends.Correct symbol

Play my different deck with unusual mechanics to catch my opponents off-guard.Correct symbol

On a multiplayer game, playing with your friends, what do you want to do?

To win. I choose a deck with the best chance of winning at the table, and go for it!Correct symbol

I want to disrupt everyone's game! I want Chaos!Correct symbol

I want to see my new deck working as I make deals and trade with opponents.Correct symbol

I prefer to chat while I organize my card collection, or look through my friends' binders looking for something I need to complete my deck or collection.Correct symbol

In a big event, like Magic Fest, what excites you the most?

Play the tournament — I want to compete with high-level people and use everything I've learned from my training!Correct symbol

I want to play and have fun — in a variety of formats, with many different people.Correct symbol

Talking to friends and other players about deck building ideas, trying to learn new things, and ask questions to the judges to better understand rulings.Correct symbol

Use my Cosplay and/or talking about Lore and the Magic: the Gathering Universe.Correct symbol

Choose the most interesting card:

Answer image

One with NothingCorrect symbol

Answer image

CounterspellCorrect symbol

Answer image

Serra AngelCorrect symbol

Answer image

Ghalta, Primal HungerCorrect symbol

Playing with your friends, you have more fun when:

During the game, we talked about Magic's history, old card arts, and how abilities changed.Correct symbol

Everyone gets annoyed with me and/or can't play against my deck properly.Correct symbol

I predict the game and how my deck should behave, being prepared for everything that happens.Correct symbol

I manage to make my homebrew list work.Correct symbol

On an unknown Magic card, the first thing you look at is:

Its unique effect and creature type.Correct symbol

I analyze how it can be part of a deck to strengthen it.Correct symbol

Its cost and abilities, and how to take advantage of it.Correct symbol

The art, flavor text and story behind the card.Correct symbol