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Commander Deck Tech: Grenzo, Dungeon Warden

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In this article, I'll present an incredibly fun Commander based on the bottom of your deck for casual tables.

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translated by Romeu

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revised by Tabata Marques

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Hello Commander players, today I'm going to share a really fun list I put together with Grenzo, Dungeon Warden!

First, I must say that there are two ways to assemble this Commander. The first is for a person who wants to win the game consistently; the other deckbuilding option is a totally insane mode, for people who value laughter more than competition, after all, this game mode is: either you win, or you lose.

First, I'll discuss the list aimed at fun and insanity; but at the end of the article, there is also the "serious" version.


The Commander: Grenzo, Dungeon Warden

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Grenzo is a commander who enters the battlefield with X +1/+1 counters on it. Paying two, you'll put the bottom card of your deck into your Graveyard, if it's a creature with power equal to or less than Grenzo's, you'll put this creature onto the battlefield without paying its cost.

The idea of this deck will be to put giant creatures on the battlefield with Grenzo's ability to pick up bugs from the bottom of the deck. So, our game plan will take time since we will have to pay a lot of mana for Grenzo to come in big and pull big creatures with him, right?

Wrong, we will always pay zero for Grenzo's X!

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Game Plan

Our game plan will be to play creatures whose power is technically less than 2, only technically since they're going to enter the board with counters. Here are some examples of what I'm talking about:

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The great strength of our deck will be in these 0/0 creatures that enter with several counters.

We will also have other creatures that are not as big as those shown above, but that are stupidly strong.

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Two amazing cards: with Duplicant you remove a creature, and with Herald of Leshrac you keep taking people's lands.

Manipulating the Bottom of the Deck

Manipulating the bottom of the library is a bit difficult, but we will have some cards to try to always have our beast in the bottom of the deck, after all, having so many big creatures in the deck, obviously makes us unable to cast them.

Check out some options for combos and interactions with Grenzo herelink outside website.


Scry is a way of looking at the top and placing our bomb at the bottom of the deck.

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Another way to manipulate the bottom is through the graveyard, taking a card from there and putting it on the bottom of the deck. Here are some cards for that purpose:

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Mana Rocks

The mana rocks will be essential, as the idea is that you can withstand the aggressiveness of the table until you have 6 mana available. When you have it, you cast Grenzo and activate his ability twice, and we'll see what happens! You could also take a risk and do this when you have 4 mana for a single activation.

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Two excellent cards to help activate Grenzo's ability. Thran Turbine makes us activate Grenzo once for practically free, and with Heartstone, we activate this ability with only one mana instead of two.

Goblins Tribal Grenzo List

When you build it without fooling around, Grenzo is a very strong deck. The strategy usually adopted by players is to practically make a goblin tribal, where all creatures have power less than 2.


Like any goblin tribe, you put your creatures on the board quickly and turn them sideways, until eventually, you have almost no cards left in your hand and someone casts a sweeper. When this happens, play your commander and activate Grenzo's ability several times. With that, you'll have your field full of creatures again.

This type of Grenzo Commander is a deck that can deal with the weakness of creature decks, which is taking removals and being unable to return to the game. For that reason, this is a pretty strong deck.

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This deck is either you win or you lose since, sometimes with Grenzo's ability, only land or any other card that isn't the bombs we want comes with it.

Sometimes it fails, it's true, but it's really nice when it works, and you pull a 7/7 for 2 mana. Or cast Grenzo, activate its ability and pull a Herald of Leshrac from the bottom. I'm sure someone at the table will be sad about this.

I hope you enjoyed this different list for this Commander. Comment your opinions below, and until next time!