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MTG: LotR and Commander Master Sets' prices baffle community

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Amidst the various new releases and announcements, the details on the price tags of the Commander Masters set and the Lord of the Rings Set has some fans astounded. Could this be the new 'normal' for Magic: The Gathering sets from now on?

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After three new releases were announced and teased in this end of February for Magic: The Gathering (March of the Machineslink outside website, Commander Masterslink outside website and The Lord of the Rings Setlink outside website), the detail most fans were eager to find out the most was the price tag on these very hyped-up products.


The Lord of the Rings set, particularly, has been catching the eye of MTG and LotR fans alike, whereas Commander Masters is a must for any fan of the ever-so-popular Commander format in the game.

So, what is the price for some of the products from both of these lines?

Around $500.

Image content of the Website

Image content of the Website

As shown above, the Lord of the Rings' Collectors Booster Box is coming out at $520 for preorder, and the Commander Masters Booster Box is a bit cheaper, at $420 for preorder.

Both of these products are highly coveted products by many fans of the franchise, with the Lord of the Rings collab being perhaps one of the most expected sets of the year, as it will come out in June 2023.

Fans have been highlighting how not only are these release announcements, once more, too close together for them to keep tracklink outside website and purchase, which has many fans debating which product they're gonna invest in, but that the prices are incredibly expensive for the standard of these sets.

As a comparison, usually, Collector Booster sets go from $150 to $250. These latest releases are packing up double that price.

The fact that the Lord of the Rings set will also be Modern legal, aside from being an iconic fan-favorite, has fans wondering if Hasbro is truly set on extracting the most money out of MTG, as not only the release schedule has been really fast, almost overlapping releases at some point, but the prices are now doubled.

This news was also released after Bank of America released yet another note saying Hasbro will eventually lose their customers "Good Will"link outside website if they aren't careful with this aggressive product strategy.

Only time will tell if the doubling of prices and the aggressive product schedule are the downfall or an outright success for Hasbro and their goose that lays the golden eggs, MTG.