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MTG: Wizards launches recipe book based on the Magic Card Game!

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Have you ever imagined preparing Liliana's favorite pasta? Or perhaps a typical Zendikar dish? Now you can! Follow everything about the new cookbook made by Wizards of the Coast!

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Be a traveling cook of planes!

Wizards of the Coast, the renowned company behind the popular card game Magic: The Gathering, is about to satisfy fans' culinary desires by releasing Magic: The Gathering: The Official Cookbook: Cuisines of the Multiverse, marking its debut this week.

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This extraordinary cookbook unveils more than 70 delicious creations inspired by the vast universe of the card game, offering a unique gastronomic experience that combines the passion for cooking with the magic of cards.


The book description promises a captivating journey through the beloved game, featuring easy-to-follow recipes that transport readers to the magical realms of the Multiverse.

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About the book

Magic: The Gathering: The Official Cookbook is much more than a simple recipe guide, it's a visual and sensory celebration for culinary enthusiasts and ardent fans of the game. Filled with colorful photographs and artwork from the game, the book captivates not only the palate, but also the eyes, providing a complete immersion into the essence of Magic: The Gathering.

The official launch is scheduled for November 28th, providing foodies with the opportunity to immerse themselves in this extraordinary culinary journey. Available on Amazon for $35.99, Magic: The Gathering: The Official Cookbook is more than a simple compendium of recipes, it's an essential piece for lovers of good food and the immersive magic of the Multiverse.

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Travel between the Magic and Cooking Planes!

With an innovative proposal, this book transcends the barriers between the fantasy of the card game and the reality of the kitchen, uniting two apparently distinct worlds. Each recipe is carefully crafted to reflect not only the exceptional flavor, but also the unique essence of each plane within the Magic: The Gathering universe.

Additionally, the book not only highlights the peculiar flavors of each recipe, but also explores the stories and legends behind specific dishes, adding an additional layer of immersion for readers. By flipping through its pages, enthusiasts not only learn how to prepare different dishes, but also delve deeper into the rich narrative that permeates the Multiverse.

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For foodies looking for a unique culinary experience and for loyal Magic: The Gathering fans who want to take their passion beyond the gaming table, Magic: The Gathering: The Official Cookbook: Cuisines of the Multiverse becomes a treasure trove of possibilities. This book is not just a compilation of recipes, it is a gateway to a world where magic and cuisine intertwine in extraordinary ways.

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In short, this release from Wizards of the Coast transcends expectations, creating a bridge between two fascinating universes. An unusual fusion of creativity, Magic: The Gathering: The Official Cookbook promises to transform home kitchens into arenas of magic, providing readers with a truly magical experience, where flavor and imagination come together in a unique harmony.

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