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Quiz: Which MTG Plane matches you the most?

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So, which Magic: The Gathering plane has you written all over it? Answer our quiz and find out!

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translated by Joey Sticks

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revised by Tabata Marques

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You've probably already know that Magic: The Gathering's multiverse is huge, but have you ever identified which plane would suit you the most?

In this set we've discovered a new chapter of the game's lore and we were introduced to new traits of these planes in which the story happens.

We've selected a few of the main planes so you can find out which of them most fits you.

Are you ready? So let's go!

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Living in a plane with a lot of historyCorrect symbol

Living in a plane in which mortals, kamis, gods and spirits live together in harmony.Correct symbol

Living in an artificial plane, but which evolves with the help of artifacts and other inventions.Correct symbol

Living in a plane with urban and metropolis aesthetics.Correct symbol

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What do you most like to do for fun?

Going in an adventure to find treasures and using a lot of mana in the process.Correct symbol

Fighting in God's name against monsters and other powerful opponentsCorrect symbol

Enjoying your free time drinking with werewolves in tavernsCorrect symbol

Learning everything there is to know about the history of my planeCorrect symbol

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A battle started! What do you do?

I stay calm, I was trained to deal with that.Correct symbol

I just watch. After all, that's natural selection!Correct symbol

I pray that there aren't Eldrazis involved (again)Correct symbol

I trust the local regiment's training to deal with thatCorrect symbol

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What would bother you the most?

Sleeping agents' attacksCorrect symbol

A horde of zombies strolling through my yardCorrect symbol

Receiving a divine mission in the weekendCorrect symbol

Someone doubting the machines' perfectionCorrect symbol

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Date time! How do you chose the perfect person?

Asking them to tell me their most interesting adventuresCorrect symbol

Investigating if they're not part of any rival factionsCorrect symbol

Finding out if they're connected to any problematic guildCorrect symbol

Double-checking if they're not a vampire or a werewolfCorrect symbol

Choose a scene:

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Floating IslandsCorrect symbol

Answer image

A hostile placeCorrect symbol

Answer image

A schoolCorrect symbol

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Night sky buildingsCorrect symbol

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Finally, choose a quote:

“They say nothing lasts forever. I say everything lasts forever, just not in the form you may be accustomed to.”Correct symbol

“Seclusion is only an option for the strong.”Correct symbol

“Life grows everywhere. My kin merely find those places where it grows strongest.”Correct symbol

“The gods here may walk among the people, but they are not with them.”Correct symbol