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#MTGBOOTY - After all, what happened?

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The #mtgbooty hashtag blew up on Twitter, with the MTG community posting photos in support of the american streamer Taalia Vess. After all, what did happen? Why so many buttocks?

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translated by Exylem

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revised by Tabata Marques

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Hello everyone! I'm Exylem and today I'll explain to you the case of #mtgbootylink outside website, which blew up on Twitter last week.


Many creators began to post photographs showing their "booties", with the hashtag #mtgbooty, mentioning their support to the Texas' streamer Taalia Vesslink outside website.

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Even the Professor from Tolarian Community Collegelink outside website participated, including a reference to Lizbeth Eden's banlink outside website from the Creators Program from Wizards of the Coast.

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John Avonlink outside website, the famous artist which painted many cards through Magic's history, also participated, posting an image of the card City of Ass, from Unhinged.

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After all, what started all of this?

The Start

It all started because of a tweetlink outside website from Taalia Vess on April 5th, promoting her stream with a photo of herself.

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In response to her message, some users have criticized and, in some cases, even harassed the creator because of the supposedly "sexualized" post.

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However, many people reacted defending Taalia and her right to express herself this way. The streamer later commented the following:

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I, Exylem, would like to express my support to Taalia Vess and also to any creator, male or female, from the Magic community or not, which feels comfortable to express themselves in any way they desire. To me, and to sum it up, the limit of one's expression is in the respect towards others. As the tweet in question was posted on the streamer's personal account and doesn't make reference to any other person and is also not attacking anyone, I don't see any problem with it.

In my life I try to guide myself to the following principle: "Do whathever you want, as long as you aren't bothering someone else". I believe this idea can also be applied here. And, on this sense, I express my solidarity to Taalia because of the harassement she endured because of that photo. It is ridiculous that someone feels justified to attack another person because of the form of expression choosed by that person.

I understand that not everyone enjoys and wants to see this type of content, but that's exactly why the diversity of creators is something beautiful in the community of our beloved game. There's nothing wrong in liking the content of person X and not liking the content of person Y. On the internet, you can choose who you want to follow!

In resume... I support #mtgbooty ! Oh, and Relminho also supports the hashtag! =)

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