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The Neon Dynasty Championship's Metagame

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Check out the Neon Dynasty Championship's Metagame, the first major event of the year, which will be played on Alchemy and Historic formats!

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The Neon Dynasty Championship will take place this weekend, between 11 and 13 March, in Historic and Alchemy formats, which has been the subject of a lot of controversylink outside website since its official announcement, and today Wizards has released the Metagame numbers of which decks were registered at the event.


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In Alchemy, the surprise was given by the high number of Mono White Aggro in the Metagame as a direct answer to Naya Runes, currently considered the best deck in the format, with many players choosing to play with the deck that beats the best deck.


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However, the second most played archetype in the event will be none other than Naya Runes itself, which runs the combination of Jukai Naturalist and Runeforge Champion in addition to several cards that interact well with enchantments to create an extremely explosive archetype which can also play longer matchups.

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In addition to it, we also have new archetypes like the Mardu Midrange and Orzhov Ventures, which became viable with recent rebalances to cards with the dungeon-venture mechanic.


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In the Historic portion, the event seems to be more on par with the bigger picture that the competitive Metagame presents, with Izzet Phoenix still ranking as the best deck in the format.

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Followed by Azorius Control, which gained new additions with Neon Dynasty, such as March of Otherworldly Light and The Wandering Emperor.

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Other well-known archetypes are also present among the most played decks, such as Azorius Auras and Golgari Food.

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During the Top 8 playoffs, some cards from the upcoming Alchemy set will be revealed during the official stream on the Magic: The Gathering Twitch channellink outside website.