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TOP FIVE Artifacts seldomly used in Pauper

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On today's Top Five we will talk about Artifacts which may see play in some different techs in Pauper, or even in PDH, the Pauper Commander.

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translated by Exylem

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revised by Tabata Marques

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Hey hey my dears, Betão has arrived with another TOP FIVE of cards that have been left aside in Pauper, but that may still see play in our kitchen tables, in a less competitive Pauper or even in our beloved Pauper Commander.

Today is Artifact Day. All colors may use almost any artifact, except those with specific colors, which aren't many. Let's see today's list:

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A great card that plays in Modern Dredge and that may see space in decks like Reanimator or even Tortured Existence, as you may tap it at the opponent's end step, untap it at your untap phase and still use it again before your draw step, with the intention of sending Stinkweed Imp to the graveyard and immediately trigger its Dredge.


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On the current scenario of cards that are being launched, combined with already existing cards, Tablet of Epityr may help the player to gain life at the right moments and allow them to survive the opponent's attacks until they acquire all pieces of a possible combo, like it is the case with the Myr Combo which appeared recently. On PDH it may easily go into artifact-sacrifice decks and also generate benefit if used together with Archaeomender

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A card that generates one uncolored mana, Thought Vessel is a ramp, but with something special, as it allows its controller to have limitless cards in hand. On PDH this is great in many scenarios, especially when the player has permanents which trigger draw abilities. In Pauper it may not become popular, but maybe it could be part of a "draw and mill" combo with Jace's Erasure.

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Card with Affinity for Artifacts, which has appeared in the past in some lists of Affinity decks, but it hasn't been popular in the last years. It may come into play at zero cost and grant that +1/+0 in a moment that it may be fatal, every turn or even sacrifice it after using its ability. It's important to highlight that it may be cast at instant speed.

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The chalice is, beyond a ramp, a potential combo piece, especially combined with Ghostly Flicker and Mnemonic Wall. Depending on the scenario, it turns into an infinite combo, especially on PDH, which has ways of untapping lands more easily.

Artifacts can be versatile. Some can organize your library or complement your game plan... they may have incredible interactions within the game!

I hope you have enjoyed this TOP FIVE. Thank you for reading and until the next one.