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About Pauper Dimir Control

Belonging to the metagame from Pauper, Dimir Control is a deck with the following key cards: Lórien Revealed, Counterspell, Tolarian Terror, Spell Pierce, Brainstorm, Unexpected Fangs, Snuff Out, Ice Tunnel, Island, with an overall win percentage of 47.6% in 936 games in the last 6 months. The deck performances better against Jund Dredge and Artifacts Tron and worst against Orzhov Pestilence and BGR. In recent appearances guiwarchina made 3V-1L at Pauper Royale 196 and dsfmagalhaes made 3V-1L at Tropical Pauper 189.

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"Dimir Control" in Pauper is a powerful control deck that focuses on disrupting the opponent's game plan while drawing cards and resolving powerful threats. The deck aims to control the game through counterspells, removal, and card advantage until it can drop threats like Gurmag Angler or Murmuring Mystic to close out the game. Some of the strengths of Dimir Control include its ability to disrupt the opponent's strategy with cards like Counterspell, Chainer's Edict, and Thought Scour. The deck also has strong card draw and selection with Brainstorm, Deep Analysis, and Preordain, allowing it to find answers to key threats. However, Dimir Control can struggle against fast aggro decks that can overwhelm its early defenses before it can stabilize. The deck can also have difficulty against certain combo strategies that can win the game before it can set up its control elements. Overall, Dimir Control in Pauper is a flexible and powerful deck that rewards patience and careful decision-making. By leveraging its powerful control elements and efficient threats, it can dominate the late game and secure victory."

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