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Belonging to the metagame from Pauper, White Weenie is a deck with the following key cards: Plains, Squadron Hawk, Kor Skyfisher, Thraben Inspector, Journey to Nowhere, Battle Screech, Idyllic Grange, Guardians' Pledge, Raffine's Informant, with an overall win percentage of 55.9% in 940 games in the last 6 months. The deck performances better against Mono Green Tokens and Gruul Ponza and worst against Simic Ponza and Walls Combo. In recent appearances gaahei1 made 3V-1L at Fuguete League 174 and ZeNonato made 3V-1L at Fuguete League 174.

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The White Weenie deck in Pauper format in Magic: the Gathering is a fast and aggressive deck that aims to overwhelm the opponent with low-cost creatures and combat tricks. The deck focuses on playing efficient creatures like Thraben Inspector, Squadron Hawk, and Battle Screech to quickly establish a board presence. Kor Skyfisher and Militia Bugler provide card advantage and help to maintain board presence. One of the main strategies of the deck is to go wide with multiple small creatures and pump them up with cards like Guardians' Pledge and Ramosian Rally to deal a large amount of damage in a single turn. Cards like Standard Bearer and Prismatic Strands can protect your creatures from removal spells or combat tricks from your opponent. Some of the good points of the deck include its speed and consistency in deploying threats early in the game. The deck can put pressure on the opponent and force them to make unfavorable trades or use removal spells inefficiently. The deck also has access to good sideboard options like Relic of Progenitus and Revoke Existence to deal with graveyard or artifact-based strategies. However, some of the weaknesses of the deck include vulnerability to board wipes and removal spells that can deal with multiple creatures at once. The deck can struggle against decks that go bigger and have more powerful late-game threats. It also relies on having a critical mass of creatures on the battlefield, so disruption effects like mass removal or hand disruption can disrupt its game plan. Overall, the White Weenie deck in Pauper is a solid aggro deck that can be powerful in the right metagame. With its efficient creatures and combat tricks, it can apply early pressure and close out games quickly.

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Pauper: White Weenie Deck Tech & Sideboard Guide




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