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Belonging to the metagame from Pauper, Burn is a deck with the following key cards: Mountain, Lightning Bolt, Chain Lightning, Fireblast, Voldaren Epicure, End the Festivities, Lava Spike, Kessig Flamebreather, with an overall win percentage of 48.5% in 367 games in the last 6 months. The deck performances better against Jeskai Ephemerate and Mardu Synthesizer and worst against Orzhov Pestilence and Mono Blue Delver. In recent appearances moongoblin made 5V-0L at Pauper League and arcoverde made 3V-1L at TORNEIO PAUPER DO WEBER (21/05) - TIX PRO TOP 8.

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The Burn deck in Pauper Magic: The Gathering is known for its aggressive playstyle focused on dealing direct damage to the opponent's life total. Here's a breakdown of the strategy, good points, and bad points of the Burn deck using the listed cards: - **Strategy:** The Burn deck aims to quickly reduce the opponent's life total to zero by playing efficiently-costed direct damage spells like Lightning Bolt, Chain Lightning, Lava Spike, and Fireblast. It also utilizes creatures like Ghitu Lavarunner and Thermo-Alchemist to provide consistent damage. The deck relies on a fast-paced tempo and aims to close out games before the opponent can stabilize. - **Good Points:** - **High Damage Output:** The Burn deck has a high potential for dealing damage quickly, putting pressure on the opponent. - **Redundancy:** With multiple copies of direct damage spells like Lightning Bolt and Lava Spike, the deck can consistently draw into burn spells to finish off opponents. - **Efficient Spells:** Many of the spells in the Burn deck have low mana costs, allowing the deck to play multiple spells in a turn and maximize damage output. - **Bad Points:** - **Weak to Lifegain:** Burn decks can struggle against opponents with lifegain strategies, as they can nullify the deck's direct damage and prolong the game. - **Limited in Interaction:** The Burn deck is focused on dealing damage to the opponent and lacks significant interaction with the opponent's board, making it vulnerable to certain strategies that can disrupt its game plan. - **No Card Advantage:** The Burn deck typically lacks card draw and relies on topdecking burn spells to finish off opponents, which can lead to inconsistency in long games. Overall, the Burn deck in Pauper is a high-risk, high-reward strategy that excels at quickly closing out games but can struggle against decks with lifegain or heavy interaction. It requires careful sequencing of spells and aggressive play to maximize its potential damage output and secure victories.

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Burn Pauper deck - Sideboard Guide

Burn Pauper deck - Sideboard Guide




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