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Bloomburrow Commander icon
Name Bloomburrow Commander
Code blc
Type commander
Released 08/02/24
Total number of items 1


In the world of Magic: The Gathering, Bloomburrow Commander is a set that revolves around a group of powerful creatures known as the Bloomburrow tribe. These creatures are skilled in the art of war and are led by their fearless commander, who rallies them to victory on the battlefield. The mechanics of the set focus on teamwork and synergy among the Bloomburrow creatures, with abilities that trigger when multiple members of the tribe are on the battlefield. Players must strategize and coordinate their attacks to unleash the full potential of the Bloomburrow tribe and emerge victorious in their battles.

Top 1 best cards

# Card name Decks Price
1. Jace, the Mind Sculptor Reprint 18 decks $ 23.99

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