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Quiz: Would you Survive the Wilds of Eldraine?

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Test your skills and abilities to survive Wilds of Eldraine in this fun quiz. Find out if you'd be able to survive this magical world!

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Eldraine's plane is full of stories and heroes which prevail after intense battles against creatures which want to harm defenseless humans, but very little is said about the ones who failed before them.

If you would like to know more about the plane, you can check out our article which summarizes the lore of Eldraine's Thronelink outside website or the complete summary of the story of Wilds of outside website


With this quiz, you'll be able to test out your knowledge regarding the plane to find out if you'd be a courageous hero after the battle or if you'd become Troll food in the Wilds. Let's go!

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Before you start your trip, it is important to:

Research the dangers of the Wilds.Correct symbol

Prepare good snacks for the trip.Correct symbol

Sharpen your blade.Correct symbol

Memorize songs to sing during the adventure.Correct symbol

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Choose the correct way to complete the sentence: "In the Wilds, the seasons of the year (autumn, winter, spring and summer)... are:

The same as the rest of the plane, with the same system.Correct symbol

Different, and don't change: it is always spring.Correct symbol

Not the same as the rest of the plane, with a different system.Correct symbol

Different, and don't change: it is always summer.Correct symbol

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A Faerie offers to help you. You:

Refuse immediately, as faeries don't do anything for free.Correct symbol

Feels uncertain, but accepts the offer.Correct symbol

Accepts immediately, as faeries know the place best.Correct symbol

Only accept if you're in great danger.Correct symbol

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If a stranger offers you an apple, you must:

Accept the kindnessCorrect symbol

Pretend to accept, but throw it away afterwardCorrect symbol

Refuse politelyCorrect symbol

Think of ways to get rid of a witchCorrect symbol

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A Lich Knight is stalking you. What do you do?

Face it with courage and braveryCorrect symbol

Look for a place with a water current to crossCorrect symbol

Do your best to hideCorrect symbol

Create a strategy to attackCorrect symbol

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An obsidian bridge opens up before you. You:

Follow through with no fearCorrect symbol

Avoid it at all costsCorrect symbol

Follow through carefullyCorrect symbol

Ask yourself why did they build an obsidian bridge in the first placeCorrect symbol

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You see a redcap (goblin) alone in the forest. What do you do?

Look around and try to find its pairCorrect symbol

Ignore it and follow your wayCorrect symbol

Prepare an ambushCorrect symbol

Attack before they attack youCorrect symbol

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An Archon appears in your way. You:

Draw your sword, as only blades can hurt itCorrect symbol

Use an enchanted weapon, as a common weapon can't hurt itCorrect symbol

Hide, as no weapon can hurt itCorrect symbol

Prepare your bow and arrow, as only attacks to the eyes can hurt itCorrect symbol

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You lost your way and found a candy house. It's time to:

Go around it to avoid dangersCorrect symbol

Eat a piece of the house, after all, it's free candy!Correct symbol

Snoop around to see if there is a witch thereCorrect symbol

Ask whoever is in there for helpCorrect symbol

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Finally, if a portal appears in your way, you must:

Retreat immediatelyCorrect symbol

Go in, ready for an adventureCorrect symbol

Go carefullyCorrect symbol

Pretend you didn't see anything and go another wayCorrect symbol